At impakt360, we work with the latest technology: whether blended learning, adaptive learning, mobile learning or artificial intelligence, the impakt360 platform offers a unique learning experience for each user!

Blended Learning

It’s the right mix that matters: we combine inspiring workshops and f2f individual coaching with online learning elements such as video lessons, articles and cases.

We jointly define the specific training objectives for each organisation and individual learner. Throughout the program, their achievement becomes our measurement of success.. 


Micro Learning

We ensure continuous learning success and development by successfully transferring of theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

Thanks to short, regular, and individualised impulses, we help learners to apply what they have already learned and to deal with the concepts that have been developed over time.

Adaptive Learning (Release soon)

With adaptive learning, we stop one-size-fits-all courses by making them adaptive to each learner. Our algorithms automatically address the topics that require training, thereby boosting effectiveness to new levels.

Artificial intelligence (MemoTraining)

Certain knowledge areas need more attention than others to store them in the long term memory. We use Artificial Intelligence for MemoTraining: it’s designed to challenge learners by selective repetition and uses smart exercises to activate knowledge. The knowledge that learners struggle with will be shown more often, this way a personal repetition scheme is created.

impakt 360 app

The impakt360 learning platform is always ready to use. Whether on mobile, desktop or tablet: our participants have always direct access to their personal learning trainer. This includes accessing all our content and materials as well as real-time progress tracking for each participant.


Download the impakt360 app here.