What it takes for a new manager to step up
The journey from individual contributor to manager

Changing from an employee function into a management role is more than just another career step. The old skill set that served someone as individual contributor is not enough anymore. A manager is more than someone “responsible for controlling or administering an organisation or group or staff” (Oxford dictionary), it’s a complex and challenging job and ultimately, it’s about supporting and leading a team. So, to fill in this new pair of shoes, it requires a change of mindset.

To support people in this transition phase, is what will significantly impact the success of every organisation, it’s each organisation’s heart that will grow and become stronger and more healthy. Ultimately, this leads to higher people engagement with high quality outcomes, low turnover, and overall better results for the organisation.

This is what the Management Essentials Program is all about: guiding managers through this period of change by providing them with all the tools & insights they need to bring your organisation to the next level.

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