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We know: successful leaders learn. Let us join you on this journey.

Aurelia Hackenesch

Driving empowerment through education: that is what Aurelia strives for. Aurelia has always been committed to Learning & Development and has grown as trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach. After her studies, while working as IT strategy consultant with Accenture, she started delivering new joiner trainings to teach her colleagues about the software development cycle.

Several years later, when she moved on to become an online marketing expert with Google, she was recognised as one of the star trainers for onboarding and sales trainings in the Google Dublin HQ.

Personal development is what makes Aurelia tick, and the desire to understand people and their true motivations. She has lived in 6 countries as of now and enjoys working with teams that are spread across the world. She loves to connect with people and communicates at ease, also thanks to the different languages she fluently speaks.

Aurelia is an active member of several pro-bono associations where she uses her experience to drive entrepreneurship and integration.  

For Aurelia, learning is a life-long process. This is strongly reflected in the impakt360 learning approach. Her professional experience and regular mindfulness practice have shown her again and again that it's key to listen to yourself and believe in your capabilities. Everything else then follows.

Benjamin Glemser

Whether through his companies or his foundation, Benjamin has continuously strived to make a difference in the life of others.

He has trained 5000+ students to successfully pass the assessment level at the University of St.Gallen, established a 2700+ people network of the brightest high school graduates in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and is now on his path to develop and train 360°  managers in organizations around the globe.  

Benjamin has a firm business background in consulting, education, investing, and real estate. During his 6-years stay at McKinsey, Benjamin has worked daily with client teams. Bounding with these teams and jointly developing the best solution, was the thing he loved most about consulting, besides the possibility of travelling all over the world and experiencing cultural differences first-hand.

As founder and CEO of the Swiss Repetitorium GmbH, Benjamin has been leading a group of 18 employees for more than 10 years now.

Benjamin has co-developed the impakt360 learning approach. It follows his understanding of humanity that personal progress is no achieved overnight, but the consequence of steady improvements thereby following Earl Nightingale’s definition of success:

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.    

Benjamin is a passionate sailor, avid reader, and Formula 1 enthusiast. So, watch out for him at the next Grand Prix.

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